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U.S. Fears New Threat From ISIS Drones


U.S. officials are increasingly concerned that ISIS may use drones in terrorist attacks, according to congressional testimony on Tuesday.

Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Vincent R. Stewart, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the terrorist group has begun using “unmanned aerial vehicles,” aka drones, for both surveillance and attacks.

“In the past year, ISIS’s use of unmanned aerial systems (drones) for surveillance and delivery of explosives has increased, posing a new threat to civilian infrastructure and military installations.” Stewart testified.

Although the group has used drones on the battlefield in Iraq and Syria, Stewart’s comments came during a discussion of the worldwide threat posed by ISIS and how it may expand, and soon after the terror group released a video highlighting its use of drones.


This simple yet innovative weapon was first developed by the Daesh, but now it’s also heavily used by the Iraqi Federal Police as well, whom copied and even improved on the design.